Pocket Diapers

Hello my lovely readers and fellow Moms,

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on pocket diapers! I’ve used MG baby and Little Monsters off zulily as well as KaWaii baby off amazon.

Pocket diapers are my least favorite cloth diapers so the pros and cons are simple.


  • Inexpensive
  • Control absorbency with amount of inserts.
  • Can be worn the longest between changes.


  • Stuffing and unstuffing to clean

I hate stuffing diapers… I have gotten faster though. The main reason I don’t like pocket diapers is because they’re bulky. If you don’t double stuff they’re not bad but don’t absorb much at all.

Many cloth Moms hate the microfiber inserts. I don’t mind them. I wouldn’t buy extra but they come with most every pocket diaper. Bamboo and hemp are the most absorbent inserts. If you want to invest I’d go that route. Since they’re not my favorite I haven’t invested a ton to try out more than a couple brands.

I was pleasantly surprised with the amazon pocket diapers that have grey bamboo inserts. They can be worn 1-2hrs with 1 insert. I’ll often use these if I change her diaper right before nap/bedtime. I bought them thinking they were all in one, which kinda urked me, but kept them on hand.

I do like using pocket at home though to keep the slimmer diapers available for out and about. My son just wore them by themselves. My daughter we use leg warmers and dresses. My son we could just size up in pants. My daughter I worry about streching her leggings/jeans out with them.

I wouldn’t throw pockets out the window…but only keep them on hand as a filler. Prefolds and covers are also inexpensive and I prefer those! Much slimmer fit and good absorbency!

My advice invest elsewhere but I use them since I have them 🙂




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