Prefolds and covers! Oh my!

Hello again readers,

Since I just wrote about pockets… and my preference being prefolds…I thought I would quickly share why 😉

Simply put, because I want cloth to be simple, prefolds are an affordable way to cloth diaper!


With my son I didnt even start cloth diapers till he was about 15months old. The idea of prefolds seemed old school and messy to me so I never tried them with him.

With my daughter I wanted to start cloth after the first 2 weeks and knew with newborns there were lots of diapers. If you’re exclusively breastfeeding you dont even have to rinse the diapers just toss them in the wash! (HALLELUJAH one less step!!!) With this in mind I decided to invest in prefolds. Oh my gosh I love them!!!! I used the small ones till she was about 4-5months than switched to the medium ones that she still wears now at a year old (19lbs).

I ended buying about 8 size 1(6-18lbs) thristies covers used from a lady on craigslist. She still wears these!

Pros and cons to me personally after using them.


  • Affordable
  • Pretty slim fit
  • Reusable cover for more than one change.


  • Harder to change a wiggly baby

Really the only hard part is fastening the prefold without it going out of place. I have a system though and lay it all out.

The pros really say it all. In the picture below she has on the prefold without pants, with pants and than a disposable. The prefold is obviously a little bulkier but not bad at all! These are an amazing stash builder at an affordable cost. You wont regret it! Just have to work at your ninja changing skills 😉


Additional note: I have always put a fleece liner on top to prevent staining in the beginning but also to clean up easier now. That’s a must in my eyes! (I’ll have a fleece liner tutorial up soon!)

The last thing about prefolds is how to fold them. I just googled “how to fold a prefold” so many SIMPLE picture instructions. I preferred the jelly roll 0-4 months and the newspaper now.


If you noticed on the first image I have medium and small prefolds as well as a fitted diaper. Fitteds are the same material as prefolds you just dont have to fold them and they’re really absorbent. These were perfect for her naps. I only bought 2 in size small. She still uses them now and they also need a cover.

I purchased both the “smart fit” bamboo prefolds and fitted diapers from nicki’s diapers . I just bought they’re name brand. No regrets and have held up for a full year!

Seriously if you haven’t bought yourself some prefolds yet do it!!







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