Jujube Mini be

Hello Mommies of preschoolers,

For about a year my son has found joy in pulling apart my diaper bag…I decided it was time to get him his own bag to pull apart.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the jujube bff diaper but I did love that you could wash it. I became obsessed with the jujube be quick and be set pieces though. Their sizes are so deceiving they can all fit so much! That is when I decided to look into the mini be.

I know for some Moms $50-75 doesn’t seem like a big deal but for me it is. My husband is in school and I couldn’t justify that price tag. I scoured the internet and found a great deal from amazon. They have damaged packages from the warehouse they sell and this time it was significantly cheaper.

I of course had to get the matching be quick and I am in LOVE! I use the travelon bags and reusable snack bags all from amazon to pack it. Can you tell we live in the middle of nowhere and I shop mostly amazon? 😉

Anyways…we have used it for a year and even though it’s gotten slouchier(that a word?) it’s still in great shape 🙂

My favorite part is that his thermos waterbottle fits perfectly in the front pocket! On the inside there’s only one small zippered pocket but that didnt detour me.

I can fit quite a bit. In fact often I will use it as a quick trip diaper bag. It’s easy to overpack though and than becomes kind of heavy for your preschooler. This is why I usually throw his be quick in my diaper bag.

So pros and cons


  • Machine washable
  • Good size
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Waterbottle pocket
  • Good diaper bag for quick trips


  • Becomes heavy when packed with more than the basics.

Overall I’m super pleased with it and think it makes a great bag for your preschooler or even you 😉

I did a packing video on youtube you can check out here as well.

Happy shopping!


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