Lily Jade Meggan Diaper Bag

Hello my lovely readers,

To say I have a slight obsession with diaper bags would be a major understatement…

It all began when I was teenager really and my purses changed with the seasons. My friends always called my purse a diaper bag or the infamous mary poppins bag. So naturally when I found a diaper bag that looked like a purse, with a removeable insert, I had to have it!  Why I didnt come up with this brillant idea I dont know but I LOVE Lily Jade!

Currently I own the Meggan in Brandy with red lining. I purchased mine back in March and they are now doing some updated styles so be sure to go check them out here!

This is my bag all packed up and ready to go!

(Some views of the inside including a solly wrap on top, which I no longer use, so you can get an idea. I have an umbrella tucked inside as well since it’s been raining.)

Now let’s dive in…which is so easy to do since you can just pull out the insert! The bigger baby book I just place behind the insert on the inside of the bag. It’s my little one’s favorite right now.

In the front pockets of the insert  I keep a mini dory plush, teething necklace, and little peoples figurine.

In the next set of front pockets I keep some mini board books from the dollar tree, vtech phone, and disney princess finger puppets.

Inside the insert I usually only keep a small wet bag, first aide kit, and my jujube be set pieces.

The small wet bag fits 1-2 dirty diapers and is the perfect size. Before it’s used I keep a diaper (2 wipes inside) and a spray bottle of water.

After it’s used I move the spray bottle to my large jujube set piece that already has an additional diaper, spare outfit, and some keys to distract her while I change her.

In my medium set piece I keep all of her snacks and a bib. Usually keep fruit in the large reusable snack bag and refills for her snack container in the small one. The container is the only thing that doesn’t go in the set piece.

In the small set piece I just have tylenol, a thermometer, and nail clippers. I keep a portable first aide kit in one of the inside pockets of the insert as well (Crazy how many different bandaids it can fit!)

In the back pockets I keep a package of wipes and an aden and anais swaddle blanket (my FAVORITE baby item!!). Along with sunscreen in the inside zippered pocket and her thermos waterbottle and changing pad on the outer  side pockets.

Note:There are two bottle pockets on the inside that are great for bottles but to snug for her waterbottle.

There’s about 6 more pockets in the insert which I didnt even use! Good thing to note since their new inserts will have less pockets and a handle to pull the insert out (!!!!) On the inside of the purse I just keep the long strap for the be set and some hygiene items in the zippered pocket.

I keep my keys in one of the side outside pockets and kleenex in the other. I can keep my phone and wallet (slim) in the front pocket.

Lastly I just have a bed bath and beyond handsanitizer and munchkin diaper bag key chain hanging from the top zipper rings on both sides.

Now for the pros and cons:


  • Stylish and even more gorgeous when broken in a little.
  • Removeable insert
  • Magentic closures on outside pockets.
  • Can be worn 3 ways (purse, messenger and backpack style) Messenger being my favorite!

For reference I’m 5’2″ 110lbs


  • Heavy if packed to the max but not too bad if you pack smart.
  • Bottom of bag wears easily

I noticed the wear early on.  Haven’t worn this bag exclussively either but its not super noticeable at the bottom. I’m also tough on bags so could just be me 😉

The cons really arent deal breakers to me at all, I truly love this bag! Even more than my jujube bff and petunia pickle bottom boxy (resold my boxy after getting this one!) May be time for me to try a new style though!

Be sure to snatch one up for yourself! You will quickly fall in love!

They are gorgeous bags!

Happy shopping!

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