Bumgenius Freetime All in One

Hello again cloth diapering Mammas,

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the bumgenius freetime all in one.

For those who dont know all in one means the inserts are attached. The inserts in this diaper are microfiber with a stay dry material on top. I usually place a fleece liner on top though for easier cleaning.

These are my FAVORITE all in one diapers so far (minus the grovia o.n.e.) that I’ve tried.

Pros and Cons!


  • Slim fit (for cloth)
  • Good absorbency *3 hour max*
  • Easy adjustable snaps (top 2 rows for waist and bottom 3 for height)
  • Clean well (minimal to no staining)
  • Durable and well made material! (I’ve used these the most with my son, over a year, & my daughter for a year now. Still look & feel new!)

Note: To clarify diapers should be changed frequently, cloth or disposable, but when running errands I like to know when to worry about leaks. At home there’s a lot more flexibility.

Honestly there are really are no cons, I’ve found, while using these. If I had to choose it would be that it ocassionaly bunches up in the crotch area but not often. I think that could be due more to a fit issue.

There are always tons of sales on Nicki’s DiapersCotton Babies,  and Kelley’s Closet. You can also earn points on there for additional diapers instead of just purchasing on amazon.

I did however purchase one on amazon first to see if I liked it. Than I quickly ordered more from kelley’s closet!

These are some shots with her wearing one today at 13 months. For reference she is 19lbs, 22in tall,  wearing 6-9 month garanimal jeans and size 18month carter’s shirt.

Here is one with her at 10 months

Like shown in my lily jade diaper bag review these are my go to when out and about!

I ALWAYS grab these first! Would love to buy another half a dozen but invested in quite a few other brands beforehand.

Disclaimer: Every baby is different so I’m not guareenting these will work for you. But they have worked well for me on both my son and my daughter!

Test them out and happy shopping!


Disclaimer : I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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