DIY fleece crib rail cover

Hello again all my lovely readers,

Today I want to show you a SUPER simple (& quick) fleece crib rail cover tutorial! 

My kiddos both started teething really late in the game around 9 or 10months. Both only had 4 teeth by the time they were one. My son caught up fast so I was never worried!

Anyways with my son we didnt ever use a rail cover since he never bit down on the crib rails.

My daughter on the other hand did from the start. I quickly looked up a teething guard and just didnt want to pay for one. Instead I sat in her room brainstorming ideas.  Thought of the different materials (& ribbons) I had that I could sew together and make one but it sounded like a lot of work….which led me to thinking about no sew ideas.  

Fleece is the number one no sew material that comes to mind! I remembered I had some neon green fleece left over from my son’s halloween costume 2yrs ago.

It wasnt long enough cut in half though (all I had left) so it wouldnt stay double knotted. My husband tried as well but as you can see on the back right my daughter slowly started taking it apart.

Decided to just run to Joans fabric store and get some. Found a coupon on their site and got 1.5yards for $7. Only used a little over half. I didnt measure beforehand. 

Just measure the length of youe crib rail and give yourself a couple extra inches (mine is 51.5 so did 53in). Than measure the main rail length (mine is just under 2in) than I added another 4-5in to tie in a double knot. 
Once you have it measured and cut it’s 3 simple steps. 

Note: Be sure to use sharp scissors, mine were a little dull, it makes a difference! 

1. Cut fleece on either side of the rails.  I cut up as high as I could (1/2 inch  from the main rail)

2. Tie a double knot

3. Lastly tuck the extra material inside.

I usually do this on both sides for a few rails. Than I’ll cut, tie, and tuck the rest.

Takes 10-20min! 
Your baby will thank you! Comment below with any additional questions.

Good luck with teething :/ 

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