Jujube be set/be quick review

Hello friends,

As promised here’s a review of the jujube be set pieces (onyx)! I have loved the be quicks for a couple years now. I use them all the time and gift them to my friends often. I really need to get the matching be quick to this set because I LOVE the longer strap. Makes it so much easier to grab and go for quick trips.

The possibilities are truly endles for these bags. The dimensions are on their main site. I actually bought these to match the lining of the lily jade elizabeth I preordered… Their sale ends Saturday so take advantage! I got the be set for $10 off on amazon and I love them!

Anyways today we are headed to the park and I thought I would share what I usually pack for a quick trip. (Included toys because we often run to the store or ocassionally somewhere to eat.)

For starters I use a brighton purse my Mom gave me when I want to pack  smaller.

This is the inside with all the set pieces and with the medium taken out for a better idea.

The be quick is a little bigger so I use that when packing diaper stuff for both kiddos. (Spare outfit, small wet bag, cloth diaper, spray bottle, wipes, pullup)

The be set large piece works well for diapering too, as shown in my lily jade review, but I use it for snacks when packing for both. The large reusable snack bag usually has a whole and cut up apple.  Today it’s an apple and banana. The small reusable bags have goldfish. I can fit a couple cheese strings in the set piece as well with all the rest..

The medium set piece holds all the entertainment! (It’s size is decieving!) My daughter loves the magnetic squares and finger puppets. My son could draw forever and they both love cars. I usually throw in a sheet of stickers too.

The small set piece is almost always for medical stuff but I have also used it as a wallet. For quick trips I dont bring the whole first aide kit just basic necessities so I’ll throw it in here.

Their waterbottles I have placed in the side pockets, part of the reason I ordered the Elizabeth, I love outside pockets so much more!

I’m always blown away at how much these bags can hold and how well they organize various size bags. You could really get away with using just a purse!

Though I didnt love the jujube bff I have been obsessed with all the jujube organizational pieces.

Now for size comparisons:

Jujube be quick vs the large set piece both on top and the side.

All the set pieces front and side.

They stand alone pretty well .

Just last night I quickly threw some stuff in the large set piece to visit a friend with my husband. LOVE the strap!
Reference 5’2″ 110lbs

You won’t regret this purchase! You’ll pry want to buy a ton more though…

Happy Shopping ,

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