Playroom Madness

I’m sure the word madness doesn’t mesh with “organized” in most minds. However I’ve learned to embrace the madness in a way that helps keep me sane when it comes to toys (a love/hate relationship with most moms).

For starters we use to just have toys out in our front room. Mostly because we lived in 2 bedroom homes with a kitchen & main living room. I  prefer bedrooms to be just for sleeping and reading so we didn’t put any in there. I have a small basket I’ll let my 3yr old put some of his favorite dinosaurs and dolls in next to his bed for naps/bedtime but that’s it.

When we moved into a 4 bedroom home  I realized there was a small sectioned off space next to the kitchen and I did a happy dance!  I could finally have a toy room!!! Yet I quickly realized that your kids want to be close to you… REALLY close to you. Mine play great independently but need me close by (as I should be). The toy room is utlized though when I’m preparing meals, if I join them, they are bored duringthe day, or they have friends over! 

This is the panoramic layout and entrance view of our toy room/space. (Not the best light on this side of the house, window is covered by bushes :/ )

This is the wall by wall view. The toy bin organizer I got on amazon prime day ($36). Ball Machine my son was given for his 1st birthday. Than the kitchen and bookshelf I purchased off Craigslist.

 I prefer vinyl in the kids areas so the alphabetplayroom rulescirclesDr.Seuss and messy quote were all off amazon. I was super impressed with the alphabet one since I had to totally rearrange and move it after getting the toy bin and it still stuck 6 months later! 

(Tip: A laser level is your best friend when putting up vinyl by yourself!)

(Another tip: We rotate through toys and books every few months so they dont have everything out at once)

After going back and forth a little I decided I wanted a little toy corner in both our living & family room as well. 

In the living room I have rare moments that I visit with adults/friends that dont have children(!) My son especially likes to be close by when strangers are over so this corner became dedicated to cars! My 1yr old daughter is equally obsessed with them so it works great.

In our family room we have the T.V. My son usually watches a show or movie, he chooses, after nap but my 1yr old has no interest in T.V.(understandably ). Because of that the corner in this room is dedicated to her favorites. We just switched out the baby toys in this corner to ones from her 1st birthday. She plays here all throughout the day! It’s fantastic! She learns so much!

Now for cleaning and staying “organized”… My son is only “suppose to” play with one bucket at a time in both the toy and living room, which he is pretty good about but needs reminders.  He does well cleaning up though and my one year old even helps (I’m telling you don’t underestimate your toddlers because she can already put things away when asked!)

It’s definitely a work in progress and some days I still feel like we have toys EVERYWHERE! The quick solution  is usually to store some more and clean up what we have again 🙂

There is an end to the madness I promise! Enjoy the messy moments for now!

Happy cleaning,

2 thoughts on “Playroom Madness

  1. Your daughter is such a cutie! And I love that chevron rug. ^_^
    Yeah, kids definitely like to be near us, which is so sweet! We’ve never had a playroom but we have some baskets out in the living room of our five year old’s (current) favorites. Everything else is in containers in his closet. I’m not sure what we’ll do once our littlest one (3 months right now) is walking. I like your idea of using a rug like that to instantly create a space! Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Oh thanks! ❤ Got the rug at Target 🙂
      I’ve done the rug thing in all of our previous homes. Here especially with hardwood floors. I’m sure he loves the space/toys he has. Storing the toys they’re not as interested in is soooo much nicer! Our daughter was crawling around 6 months and walking by 10months so this area has been great for her. You’re welcome ❤

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