Garden fresh Quesadillas 

Am I only the only one that has to look up how to spell quesadillas every single time(!?)…even knowing Spanish(!?)…it’s embarrassing!

Anywho I wanted to share one of MY personal favorite meals that I’ve made since being a teenager. Even with trying to cut back on dairy I cant let this one go.

Tomatoes, bell peppers and green onions are always inside my fridge! Wether it be for salads, quesadillas or snacks. They’re staples in our kitchen!

 For this reason my husband planted a garden (from seeds!!) and our whole plot is basically tomatoes! Haha

 I cant get enough! 

So heres the 1,2,3 recipe! 

1. Cut up whatever veggies you prefer and place them in a bowl. 

2. Spray a griddle (heated at 350) or skillet (heated to medium high) and place corn/wheat tortillas on it. Sprinkle some cheese on the tortillas and add the veggies. You can add some grilled chicken or luncheon meat as well. 

Finish them off with a little more cheese and a tortilla.

3. After they’re golden brown on each side (cooked 2-3 min, 4-6min total) they are ready to be topped with sour cream/Greek yogurt & salsa or left as is 🙂

Plenty of flavor either way!

Happy Eating,

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