Storing Cloth Diapers

Today is my cloth diaper laundry day! I typically try to do a load every 2-3 days.

I never have all my diapers put away at once since I hang dry covers (helps them last longer). I usually put away a load of diapers the morning or afternoon before I wash the next load.

This is typically what a load looks like. I than sort, stuff and put them away.

For the longest time I just used a 3 drawer plastic container to store them. It worked okay but couldn’t hold everything and was tough to organize. I also hated how it looked…

 Finally I splurged one day at kmart and got this cube organizer. Had some rewards points at kmart to use and figured this was a good purchase for that. I purchased the storage baskets from Target to match the colors of my living room.

I love it! My husband loves it even more since it makes it easier for him to know what diapers to use.

The top left shelf I keep the Grovia O.N.E diapers, along with my bumgenius/ grovia/and blueberry simplex all in one diapers. My husband calls it the “don’t touch shelf” since they’re for nightime and when we go out. 

The middle, yellow, storage basket is for disposable diapers. I keep these on hand for babysitters and traveling. 

Note: In a box of 200+ size 3 diapers this holds one of the two packages(!)

The top right shelf is where I keep my least absorbent diapers. They’re typically used inbetween naps or right before bed. It’s a mix of pockets and bottom bumper sized diapers.

The middle left, grey, storage basket is where I keep both regular and cloth wipes.

The middle grey basket I purchased from Target! It was my coming home basket. I used it to hold all my newborn essentials so I wouldnt have to get up after having the baby! Now it holds her baby leggings, in the front, than her lotion and various diaper creams in the back.

The middle left, grey, storage basket I use for extra inserts, fleece liners and disposable liners.

The bottom left shelf I use to hold my wet bags that I’m not using.

The middle, yellow, storage basket I use to hold my prefolds and covers.

Finally the bottom left shelf is for all the double stuffed pockets I use while we’re at home and during naps.

This has made cloth diapering so much easier for everyone in my family! My son can even grab them for me.

I keep a wire basket, with a medium wet bag, next to the organizer for wet diapers. Along with a small changing station that’s been great for wood floors.

My Aunt bought it so I’m not sure where it’s from. We take it on road trips though and it’s awesome! 

Nobody enjoys diaper changes but hope this helps bring a little organization and sanity.

Happy organizing,

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