Baby Girl’s First Birthday!

I love hosting parties! I don’t get nearly enough opportunities while we’re in school 😦 

I fuel the flame with plenty of dinner parties though!

I told myself I wasn’t going to go all out for my daughter’s 1st birthday party but it was impossible. My son’s party was a disney cars theme I’ll have to post about it later on.

Here is a breakdown of what I actually used and purchased:

The most time consuming decoration I made was the tassels. I bought the tissue paper and washi tape from hobby lobby. I followed the directions on this YouTube video to make them.  I made about 60 but used almost all of them…

The next main decor item was the star garland. I purchased this star stamp from Hobby Lobby.  I purchased some mint and pink card stock from Michaels (they were having a sale) along with some gold craft paper. I bought my gold thread from walmart and followed the tutorial on this video.  I didn’t glue on the back of my gold stars though since they all laid flat when hanging and you couldn’t see the back.

I was going to make pom poms but life happened and I ended up purchasing them instead on amazon.  These ones aren’t assembled but were easy to put together.

Hobby Lobby is where I purchased the gold Happy Birthday banner. Then I just used some of the leftover cardstock/craft paper/washi tape/star stamps/etc. to frame her pictures 0-12months. I had some little clothes pins on hand that I painted as well and then hung them on some twine.

The balloons and streamers I ended up purchasing online from Target since noone had the right colors locally (I bought 2 of each but only used one).

The mint tags and large gold letters, for her name, I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I just poked a little hole on either side of the tags’ center hole so I could get them to lay flat.

I purchased her cake topper from amazon and finally her tutuonsieheadbandnecklace, and lace dress from etsy.

Her invitation and poster I purchased from Etsy as well. I printed the poster at Staples in a 16×20 and it turned out perfect! It was printed on poster board and came with a stand.  

I didn’t have any negative experiences with any of the sellers on Etsy but the tutu  has to be purchased about a month in advance.

Here are the downloadable posters. If you have any trouble downloading them or if you want the editable ppt please comment below or message me! Nothing fancy or perfect but a nice added touch.

(One) (Loved) (Sparkle) (Gifts) (Thank you)

SIDE NOTE: The mini star puncher for the invitations and dessert table confetti was off amazon.

The only desserts I made were cupcakes and star sugar cookies. The cupcake liners and frosting I found at a local store and the toppers were just cardstock stars on toothpicks. Lunch was chicken salad on crescent rolls, chips, veggies, fruit, and strawberry lemonade. It was super easy thanks to costco 😉

My husband’s favorite part was that I sold everything afterwards… minus the star stamps, poster and clothes. Did the same thing with my son. Highly reccomend not just holding onto all of it for some future event(that never happens!)

I feel like parties are always stressful! Especially when you have to figure everything out for the first time! You also loose money not realizing what you won’t use. I was able to use a lot of the same sets of paper just by having the star punches. 

I hope this saves someone a little time 🙂

Happy Celebrating!

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