Target Nuk Brand Water Bottles! 

Don’t you just love Target!? If you didnt you pry wouldn’t be reading this…

It’s a bit of a drive but I was on a mission for some new sippy cups. 

I know everyone loves contigo, so do I, but their base is kinda wide and I prefer something slimmer.
Our thermos water bottles were great for summer but started to leak, a ton, recently when left open. They would also spew out water when I opened them 😑It made me so sad 😦

Anyways back to Target….

There were quite a few choices but I prefer the straw ones so that narrowed down my search. I checked out ALL the different types.

I ended up getting the nuk straw ultra grip cups. For $7 each I figured it was worth a shot. I also have a nuk sippy cup that’s never leaked so I’m a fan of the brand. 

Now for pros and cons.


  1. Affordable, $7 each.
  2. Good grip, doesn’t slip out of their hands .
  3. Various colors instead of the same design.
  4. Leak proof, even when open and shook upside down.
  5. Slim design,fits nicely into my diaper bags.
  6. User friendly, neither one of my kids had a hard time opening or closing them.
  7. Hooks on the lid to grab with your fingers, or hook with something. So nice at the park when your hands are full!


  1. Squirts out a little water. My son likes to flick his open fast and it tends to squirt him a little. My daughter and I dont have this issue. Doesnt do this after the first couple times or if it’s half full.
  2. Good grip but the grippers make it a little harder to slide into my diaper bag insert.

Only a couple of cons and I still LOVE them.  

Here is how they fit inside of my Lily Jade Diaper Bag insert.

Here is how one fits in the jujube mini be my son wears.

I’ve been impressed so far and hope they hold up for us! 

I never leave Target with just one thing… so I bought some lotion but also this cute little baby doll and teether. 

My little girl always wants to take her baby doll with us! It doesn’t fit inside the diaper bag though so this one was perfect 🙂 We had a sofie the giraffe teether but it didn’t hold up very well for us :/ We’ll see how this owl one does!

Enjoy your  Target run,

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