Wall Clock

I love displaying up to date family pictures! 

About a year ago I was looking up a million ways to do it that wasnt just a gallery wall. I saw this clock idea on amazon so I purchased the vinyl and clock hands (14in) from there. 

I bought the 5×7 frames from the dollar store and the colored mats from Etsy. I love the mats because they help tie in the colors of the room plus 4×6 photos are cheaper to print and switch out (I have switched these out fairly often).

Here’s the tutorial:

I didn’t like the angled look a lot of people do so my Mom sugguested a different layout and I researched it.

I practiced the layout on the floor than cut out 6X8 papers to represent  the frames and 2inX2in cardboard squares for the spacing. If you look at the bottom two photos I brought the 12 and 6 towards the center 2in along with the 2,4,8,and 10. (Another sugguestion from my Mom I liked more)

I used command strips to hang the frames and clock hands. I used painters tape (reusable putty works too) to hang the paper and spacers. Used a laser level to make sure the pictures were even and straight on both sides. 

It’s about 3ft 11 in in width and height.

Super easy once you know what you are doing! I get compliments on it daily!

Happy Decorating,

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