Cleaning out rooms 

Since I was a young my Mom was really good about having us sort through our stuff fairly often. We moved rooms a lot but it helped us declutter.
I’ve carried that habit over into my own home and try to sort through stuff every 4-6months.

Today was my 3 in 1 room (craft/office/guest) and you can only imagine how quickly stuff piles up…

This was the result!

These are the questions I usually ask myself:

  1. Why do you have it?
  2. Who gave it to you?
  3. What’s it for?
  4. Have you used it the past 6 months?

I have about a dozen sentimental things I’ve kept and a few baby things. Most things are day to day use. If I haven’t used it in 6 months it usually goes in the toss, donate or sell pile. If something hasn’t been used but could be shortly I’ll give it another 6 months. The next time around if it doesn’t get used it goes!

Just remember all the fluff and frills of life quickly fill up our home with unnecessary stress! I encourage you guys to go through one of your rooms with these questions in mind! You can do it!

Happy Sorting,

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