Baby blowout cleaning tip!

Hello my lovely readers,

For years my Mom would use a pink bar of soap to scrub sweat stains out of my brothers’ collared shirts. 

I didnt think twice about purchasing it after getting married with so many other adjustments.

Once I had my son I remember calling my mom and venting about all the blowouts he was having and clothes that were ruined…

She asked if I had tried Zote soap. I quickly went to the store and purchased some. It’s only $1 and usually on the top shelf in the laundry section.

It got out EVERY single stain! Just remember to wash in cold water! I would also do a cycle with a 15-30min soak.

You simply wet the clothing (and soap),spread a thin layer on and scrub a little.

Dont currently have babies with blowouts but it worked for both of my kids. It doesnt get out every stain from food but it’s full proof for blowouts, sweat stains, and dirt.

Here’s an example with my husband’s white shirt.



I’m amazed every time since it takes such little effort! 

Happy cleaning,

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