Grovia all in one cloth diaper! 

Hello cloth diaper mamas or soon to be 😉

Today I want to share the slimmest one size cloth diaper I have found! Grovia one size all in one (You can watch the video review of it here). It can be purchased on all the cloth diaper site’s I have mentioned before like Nicki’sKelly’s or  Cottonbabies. I purchased this one to test out from amazon.

Let’s jump right in!

The inserts are made of organic cotton. The first insert is attached then there is a second one that snaps onto the first insert from the bottom.

They have side snaps as well as the ones in front so they can be used as one size diapers 10-35lbs. (My 3yr old is 36lbs)

They arent quite as wide or long as the bumgenius freetimes but are about the same thickness.


  • Absorbent inserts (2-3hrs).
  • Snug fit around legs, dont leak.
  • Slim fit, closest to disposable I own.


  • Stain easy

Really the only reason I didnt invest in more of these is because they are prone to staining. That became a deal breaker for the price. Sunning didnt seem to make a difference either. If any of you have any tips or tricks I’d love to hear them 🙂

They fit great though and I still take them out and about. This is my daughter at 13.5months under 20lb wearing them and size 6-9 pants.

Overall I’d reccomend these just be cautious of staining!

Happy Diapering,

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