Teach my toddler (alphabet)

Hello my preschool Mamas,

I’ve decided to wait until my son is 4yrs old to enroll him preschool. We do a lot of activities at home instead. 

I was searching amazon for various kits and came across this one. I bought it back in March.

Today I wanted to start a 4 part series review of the “Teach my Toddler “.
I want to start off by saying you should not have high hopes for this kit. It is not the most well designed but for around $20 it does the job.

What the alphabet set includes;

  1. Upper and lower case letters
  2. Flash cards with letters and pictures
  3. Book with letters and pictures 
  4. Poster that matches cards and book


  • Inexpensive
  • Enough materials for various activities
  • Good repetition
  • Semi durable material


  • Feels a little flimsy but have had it over 6months with no rips or any damage.
  • Lower case “i” my son often thinks is a capital “T”upside down.
  • Animal picture choice. The horse especially confused my son for a while. 

The cons arent enough to completely rule out the kit. My son’s favorite activities are matching both the letters and cards to the right picture on the poster.

He enjoys looking at the book on his own. But he will repeat back what all the animals are to me. He loves the animal section of the kit!

Check it out for yourself!

Happy Teaching,

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