All the ways to pack the Lily Jade Meggan!

Hello my lovely readers,

Had a request to pack the Lily Jade Meggan for a day trip without my car near by. I usually pack without the insert for an all day trip. You can find that  video here.

I also made a video on how I packed with 2 in diapers using the Lily Jade Meggan. At the time my son was 2yrs old. So keep in mind this is for a toddler and 0-3 month old. Cloth vs Disposable. You can find the video here.

I also made a video for packing with twins in cloth diapers (0-4months). It is no wonder Lily Jade reccomends this bag for twin Moms! Check it out here! I think it’s the best bag when it comes to the baby stage and all the bulky things we carry. I’ll do an updated version for the Elizabeth and Shaylee when they arrive in November! 🙂

If you missed it…  be sure to check out the video of how I pack for a babysitter. I used both the Lily Jade Meggan and Jujube be light.

There’s also one for the jujube super be when packing for a babysitter and you want more space. This one is more ideal for utlizing the insert. (Check it out)


Happy Packing,

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