Grovia O.N.E diaper

Hello fellow cloth diaper moms,

Today I want to share my favorite cloth diaper! The grovia O.N.E!

It came out a while ago and is the only overnight diaper that has worked for us! (12+hrs)

It is a one size diaper so it has the rise and waist snaps to customize fit.  It also comes with detachable velcro strips! I used these when my daughter was younger but prefer snap now 🙂

It comes with two inserts(one large and one small soaker) that our a mix of microfiber, polyester and cotton.  As well as a stay dry liner. You can check out the detailed material description here.

It’s pretty slim with just one insert (bumgenius freetime for comparison)

It’s bulkier with 2 inserts for obvious reasons but we only use both at night.

My daughter is 20lbs, 14 months old and wearing a 12month wonderkids outfit.

This is her in a disposable diaper.

This is with one insert.

This is with both inserts.

Honestly if I knew about these sooner, and they were available, I would’ve added more than 7 to my stash.  Ordered 3 when my son was 2yrs old and quickly ordered 4 more after they proved to stay dry overnight.

My daughter has used them since she was 6-8 weeks old. They tend to be bulkier on a lower rise setting so it was definitely slimmer on my 2yr old son than my 2month old daughter. She never seemed uncomfortable though!

The absorbency is fantastic! It really doesn’t get any better!!!

If you would like to see my video review check it out here.

Happy diapering,

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