Teach My Toddler (colors)

Hello fellow mommies,

Here is part 2 of 4 of the “Teach My Toddler” learning kit.

My previous post explains how I found it and where to buy it.

This time of year is always busy. We usually try to focus on one section a week and do it 3 times a week. However playdates overruled that plan last week.

We are doing each set one last time, for review, before moving on to another kit from leapfrog.

This week we are working on colors and this is what the kit includes.

The pros and cons are similar to the alphabet set. The only additional con I have is that the pink on the puzzle is different from all the rest. 

Also on the poster and color cards my son use to confuse pink and red. It was a learning curve but good practice to be aware of various shades.

I usually put together a box of colored toys for my son to begin. He will sort them out by himself and loves it.

 He tells me what they are and their color. It’s different every time. 

Next he usually decides to match the puzzle pieces to the poster and than puts the puzzle back together. He usually  tells me the colors while he’s doing it.

He doesn’t always look at the book after but its the same idea as the sorting (tells me object and color).

It’s a simple but fairly effective way to teach basic colors in a few different ways.

Happy Teaching,

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