Our kids gender reveals!

Hello fellow and new mommies,

Today I wanted to share how my husband and I announced we were pregnant both times. As well as how we revealed their gender. 

With our son we ended up just telling close family and friends and posting a picture of the test, after the first trimester, on social media.  

I wanted to be a little more creative with his gender announcement. We were finding out the week before Christmas  so we did a Christmas  theme.

We decided to wait till Christmas Eve to find out the gender and I was so tempted to peak! I was trying to get home from a Christmas Eve party as soon as possible… my poor in laws! haha We were stoked it was a boy!

We told our families on Christmas Day. we went to my family’s house first and then my husband’s family. 

We had everyone guess and then had a puzzle inside a balloon they popped and put together!

We announced on social media after taking a few pictures at my Grandparents. 

We were so excited! 

We started trying for our daughter when my son was about 18 months old.  We had moved and weren’t close by family anymore.

I had bought my husband the wiiU the previous farther’s day and mario cart was a popular game on his side of the family. I saw this idea on pinterest and had to do it 🙂 I made his hat using this tutorial

Our family loved it! I ended up announcing it on social media right before the end of my first trimester. Simply because I could do a valentine’s theme. My sister came to visit and helped me.

I was so anxious to find out the gender of this baby! My husband and I both thought girl but didnt want to jinx it by saying it. (Boys are common in his family).

I wanted to match the mario theme so I made my son another hat 😂 Then I spray painted a cardboard box  yellow, tacked it to my wall and taped candy inside so my son would reach for it (yup I’m awesome!) ^notice the sucker in the first picture. 

I went to find out the gender on my own, my friend watched my son. I was suppose to put it in an envelope, which I did, but also found out….

I was crying as soon as he said girl and had him check 3 times lol

I then went and purchased a little dress and put it and the envelope inside a gift bag. We were going to dinner and finding out then. I picked up my son and then my husband. I  was so anxious I had him open it in the car! 

We went to dinner and were so excited 🙂 He forgave me for finding out first 😉

The night before I made our announcement to send our family. I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait so I made one for  both genders.

I called my Grandparents to let them know and then posted to social media!

It has been so fun having both of them! They have been best friends from the start!

Happy announcing,

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