Cloth diaper liners/diaper sprayer

Hello cloth diaper mommies,

Today I wanted to talk about the fleece liners I use for my cloth diapers. Poop will be written, but not shown, a lot througout this post.

Orginally with my son I used the bumkins, grovia and mg baby diaposable liners.

The only problem with these was that part of the  time poop still ended up om the liners. I bought these to avoid any additional clean up. I was wanting to just toss them and didn’t want to dunk and swish any diapers.

However I didn’t start cloth diapers with my son until 18 months and only used them for a year on him so I just stuck with these.  Only one I really didn’t like was grovia (left in picture). Mg baby (right) was softer and bumpkins I used the most (not pictured).

With my daughter I wanted to do something different.  I mostly wanted to avoid the monthly costs of disposable liners so I looked into fleece.  Fleece is always a great no sew and inexpensive option.

When asking other moms the most popular choices were antipull fleece, microfleece ( sometimes labled pyjama fleece), and the mainstay fleece throw blankets from Walmart.

I didn’t really want patterns on mine so I choose microfleece, in off white, and bought 2yrds.

I used the grovia liner and a legal envelope as an outline for the fleece liners. For the large one I did it a tad smaller since the grovia liners often hung out of my diapers a little.

I was able to get about  4 large large and 1 small in every row on the material but I adjusted as I went. I just used regular scissors but a blade would have sped up the process. I was able to make about 60 large and 40 small ones.

The large liners work  perfectly inside my one size diapers except the grovia.  I normally use a small insert in my grovia all in one so it’s not hanging outside of the diaper. The small ones are also great for the newborn and size 1 bottom bumpers.

Lastly the main reason I chose fleece is because the poop rolls right off leaving minimal clean up! This is not the case in the beginning, when breastfed and first introduced to foods, but they get there eventually.

What’s left on the liner I spray off using our diaper sprayer.

I bought this diaper sprayer at a discount from amazon. I havent used any others so I wouldn’t be able to compare. It took my husband less than 10min to install and  has worked really well for us.

I didn’t  buy  a spraypall to use with it which is the most popular choice. Instead  my husband cut out the bottom of a 10 gallon bucket and I bought a pack of 3 clips from the dollar store. I just clip the corners, or wherever is clean, and spray it. Sometimes if a liner is really nasty I will just toss it.

This diaper sprayer was also a huge help when potty training! Wish I had bought one when I first started cloth diapering. It is a game changer!

If you’d like to see the video version of this post check it out here.

Happy diapering,

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