Jujube be light and super be

Hello fellow mommies,

Today I wanted to share a comparison and on the body of the jujube be light and super be.

Here are the videos of the be light and super be if you are interested in what can fit inside. The video version of this post can be found here.

The main comparison is size. The superbe fits inside a large jujube set piece and the be light fits inside the medium.  Making both perfect instant diaper bags.

The jujube super be can carry a 25oz swell bottle comfortably and a 16oz swell bottle fits inside the be light. Both have 2 bottle pockets but the super be has a small zippered pocket in the center as well.

The superbe is quite a bit longer and wider than the super be so by comparison  fits a lot more.

When empty they are pretty similar in height and depth but not length. Their handles are basically the same size though and they both are messenger style compatible.

The inside of the be light has only one small zippered pocket. The inside of the super be has a small zippered pocket, 2 large mesh pockets and a keyfob.

I love these bags! We use the be light the most but have started using the super be more since it’s more compatible with my lily jade diaper bag insert.

For reference I’m 5’2″ 110lbs.

This is them from the front

The side

And the back

I love that I can pack these up in a jujube set piece. Then if I have to leave my kids with a babysitter or my husband I can leave them with a separate bag and take my lily jade with me.

If you are looking for a great light weight alternative diaper bag this is it!

Happy packing,

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