DIY toddler headband (bow)

Hello everyone,

With the holidays coming up I thought I would  post a quick DIY toddler headband pattern and video.

I’m obsessed with  Jersey  knit headbands but have a few different patterns so sorry for the center piece mix up!

Litterally anyone, with basic  sewing skills, could make one of these 🙂

Material and amount you will need:

Bow- 6in x 10in

Bow center – 2.5in Ă— 4in (or 3in for tighter bow)

Bow headband- 4.5in x 17in

First the main bow. 
Note: For each piece you follow the same 3 steps listed below.

1.Fold the material length wise and sew that edge. (As shown)

2. After its sewn turn it inside out (technique shown in video 2:08 mark) and fold it in half again the opposite way and sew those edges together.

3. Turn it inside out again. Then the main bow is ready (minus the center)

Second the center piece.

Follow the exact same steps.

1.Fold length wise and sew the edge.

2. Turn it inside out, fold the opposite way and sew those  edges.

3. Turn  it inside out again and the center loop is ready.

Then you can pull the main bow piece through the loop.

Third is the headband.

Again following the same steps except you adjust the last step this time.

  1. Fold it length wise and sew that edge.
  2.  Turn it inside out.
  3. (Adjusted step) Pull it through the center loop, back behind the bow (make sure the seam is centered), and sew the end edges together.

Once the edges are sewn hide them behind the center loop and have it line up with all the other edges and seams.

Turn it around and play with the bow until you like how it lays.

That’s it!

My toddler is 14months old with a pretty big head and it fits her perfectly!

Happy sewing,

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