Toddler bow headband version 2

Hello fellow toddler moms,

So I wrote almost this exact same pattern on Monday here. This one just has a few alterations.

I had ordered a headband for our pictures tomorrow and it didnt get here in time despite it saying it would tomorrow….

Anyways I just ran to Joan’s Fabric store this  morning and was lucky to find the color I needed in the remnant section! So for $3.77 I got just under 1/2 yard of this nylon/spandex material and only needed 1/3 of it.

These are the measurements:

  • Headband -15.5in long × 7in
  • Big Bow 14in x 7in
  • Shorter bow 11in ×7in
  • Center 2.5in × 3in

First step is to fold each piece in half, length wise, and sew the edges.

Next you turn the bow and center piece inside out. Make sure their edge seams are in the back of the bow when slipping the main bow through the center  piece.

Then work the headband piece through the centerpiece in the back as well (seam in the center).

Lastly flip the bow over (front side facing you). Then fold over and match up the headband ends so you can sew the edges.

Finish it off by matching up all the seams in the back and hiding them with the center bow loop.

These are pictures of my 14 month old with the big bow and then the adjuated smaller bow.

I’m excited for family pictures tomorrow!

Be sure to check out the video tutorial for this post here.

Happy sewing,

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