Felt Christmas tree! 

Hello fellow mommies,

My son was obsessed rearranging the ornaments on our tree last year. Thought of getting a baby gate to go around it but my daughter wasn’t  crawling and he was 2yrs old. 

My friend posted this link on my facebook timeline and I decided to try it out! 

It was super easy to make. I  had smaller pieces of felt on hand already so just needed to get a larger piece from Joans (all the measurements are shown in the above link)

You basically are folding it in half so both sides are even when you cut the branches so just get any amount that matches the height you want. 

My son loves it and it sure kept him busy! Half a dozen of my other friends quickly did one themselves 🙂

My son got pretty creative with it last year!

My daughter is enjoying it so far this year as well 🙂

If you have busy toddlers you need  this!

Happy decorating,

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