My favorite mini cheesecake recipe! (Vegan alternative)

Hello fellow foodies,

Since my husband has started vet school we have gotten together with other couples in the program for thanksgiving. I’m always  assigned rolls, mashed potatoes and cheesecake.

This is the recipe I always use for cheesecake. I prefer making mini cheesecakes so there’s a variety 🙂

I rotate them inbetween baking and 28min seems to be perfect but it varies by oven. 

I would say it makes 24 but depends how much you fill them. I also end up making another half a recipe of the crust each time.

Mine always sink in the middle but thats what whip cream and toppings are for right 😉

I put about 1/3 cup of crushed oreos into half a recipe for  the oreo ones.

This year I tried out  this vegan cheesecake recipe

Wouldnt say it totally replicates traditional cheesecake but everyone still seemed to enjoy them 🙂 Just more time intensive!

P.s the tabs she sugguested making did not work for us lol We used a knife instead! 

Enjoy your dessert,

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