Lily Jade Bags Old vs New

Hello fellow mommies,

Today I wanted to take a chance to show the updates made, that I noticed, on the new Lily Jade Bags. They have extended their 10% off promo code to the 10th of December! Take advantage of the deal before the bag you want is gone!

I ordered the new charcoal  Elizabeth and black Shaylee back in September. I have had the Brandy Meggan since March.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that they are 3 in 1 convertible bags and can be worn purse, crossbody and backpack style.

I’m 5’2″ 110lbs

The Meggan has 3 outside pockets. The pocket in front is fairly large and the two side pockets are the same size. It is Lily Jade’s largest bag. The new Meggan bags have added structure so they will stand taller than my older one.  Mine has majors slouch going on after constant use which I love. But even with the slouch I wanted to start carrying something smaller.

I have been eyeing the Elizabeth since I first discovered Lily jade but you carry a lot of stuff when you have a toddler and infant so I  chose the Meggan earlier this year.

Now that I carry less I decided to finally try out the shaylee and Elizabeth.

The Elizabeth has outside pockets galore! 6 in total which includes outside bottle pockets! I love that when it opens up you can see everything! However I test packed it a couple times, never wore it out, and felt like I was carrying a small duffle bag….so I  returned it earlier this week. I was so sad to let it go 😦 I also like being able to throw stuff on top which you cant do with the Elizabeth. The charcoal and jade lining is the perfect color combo though! 💕 May have to try out a madeline in this color combo down the road.

The Shaylee has been my new favorite since I opened and packed it up. I used it all weekend long 🙂

The outside zipper pockets can sometimes scratch your hand when you dig into them but otherwise it is flawless! I love it’s slim profile and it’s size  is deceiving you can carry a ton! With room to spare! Like the Meggan you can throw stuff on top of the insert when packed up (jackets, blanket, wrap).

Now for the updates there are 3 additional updates I want to point out.

1. The leather and colors.

They have always used quality full grain leather but this new batch feels thicker and softer! It smells amazing and the quality is just outstanding! I could pet it all day!

Before all the bags had red  linings. Now only the  black bags have red and the rest come with Jade. They also offer charcoal leather bags which wasn’t an option before.

2. The accessories.

The new convertible straps are wider and smoother which makes a huge difference. Tested it out on my shaylee and I love them!

The tassles on the new bags seem thinner to me, just my opinion, but they are beautiful  and they include one with the Elizabeth now! 🙂

3. The inserts

  • Grab handles. Before they had magnents that attached to the inside of the purse  but now those are gone and each one has grab handles.
  • The pockets. There are less but bigger pockets. Before there were  15 pockets now there are 11. I appreciate the wider pockets though  and it makes packing bulkier items easier.
  • The material. Before the inserts had this silky feeling material. Now they are canvas on the outside pockets and the previous material on the inside.

So again no surprise that Lily Jade bags are my favorite! Treat yourself this Christmas! You won’t regret it!

If you want to see the video comparison check it out here.

Happy shopping,

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