5 Christmas Gifts for kids under 5

Hello fellow mommies,

Christmas is my favorite time of year! The lights, stories, gifts, traditions and extra time with family just make me so happy 💕

It’s so hard to not get caught up in all the gifts you can buy and spoil your loved ones with each year.

When we had our son we wanted to keep Christmas simple. He was only 7 months old his first Christmas but Grandparents went a little overboard and we ended up regifting half his stuff the following year 😂 (sorry son!) Now with two kids we’ve tweaked what we plan to do each year.

Even as our kids get older we feel like this is a pretty easy guideline to follow:

  • Christmas eve box
  • Stockings
  • Interest gift
  • Shared gift
  • Give a gift

While they’re under 5 we keep it simple.

Our Christmas Eve boxes consist of themed pjs, a movie and favorite snacks.  We take turns each year on who gets to watch their movie Christmas Eve. Bonus…we get to enjoy our favorite snacks while watching it.

Each year we find multiple deals for movies online( black Friday weekend).  This year we bought from amazon.

Each year Disney does buy  one get one for $1 or $2. I posted this deal on my Instagram a few weeks ago.

Last year we did both a blanket and 10″ plush from the Disney Store.

This year my son is getting a good dinosaur plush and my daughter is getting one from Finding Dory  (not pictured). As a stocking stuffer I just grabbed them a puzzle from the $3 section at Target. Done and done!

We have so many toys and I just recently stored and donated 2/3 of them. I decided to get gifts that fell into their interests that weren’t toys this year.

My son is obsessed with dinosaurs so we got him a sticker activity book and dinosaur memory game (on the way!).

My daughter loves lift the flap books.  She has  a few of her own but always finds them at the library.  I got her 1 from toys r us then got her 4 more from amazon.  Over black Friday weekend I posted their $10 off  $25 holiday books on Instagram. She’s going to be so excited!

Our kids already have a jungle gym, play kitchen, car track,trampoline, toy organizer, etc. so this year we decided to do something simple.  A tunnel with an attached pop up tent.

Our little girl is busy and her brother loves  to build forts for her so I’m sure they’ll love it! I opted out on getting the balls because I didn’t want them ending up all over the house!

Lastly we have each of our kids adopt a child close to their age.  I’m always a sucker for these! It was easy this year since my son’s school had a tree full of children you could choose from in the hallway.

My son loved picking out a gift for his “friend”. My daughter doesn’t quite understand it so I grabbed what interested her 🙂

That is it! Simple, hassle free, meaningful and still magical Christmas 🙂

You can find the video version of this post here!

What are some of your favorite traditions?

Happy Holidays,

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