Every girl needs a ballerina doll!

Hello fellow mommies,

I dont know why but I’ve always wanted to get my little girl a ballerina doll. I’m surprised it took me so long 😉

Something about them just makes me happy! I dont care if they’re cliché I just love the peace, grace and happiness they emulate. The start to many girls’ dreams 💕

I’ve been searching on and off on etsy for a few months now.

(This is a perfect example of why we keep Christmas simple because I sporadically by things for them throughout the year!)

Last week I stumbled upon this etsy shop a button and a stich! Her shop is amazing! So many choices 💕 She has the cutest dolls! 

Because my daughter is only 15months old I opted out of getting one with flowers or ribbons. This one was perfect!

My little girl is growing so fast! I just want her to be young and love life forever 💕

If you’re looking for a cute doll for your toddler or unique Christmas gift check out her shop! 

Happy shopping,

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