Lily Jade Shaylee vs Jujube bff

Hello fellow mommies,

I love my Lily Jade shaylee! My poor Meggan may not be used for a while. The size of the Shaylee really is deceiving. Even being one of their smaller bags I think it is perfect for 2 kiddos. I’m obsessed!

 I am a much lighter packer than I use to be though. I used a jujube bff with my son and felt like it was too small! 😂

I decided to do a quick comparison since most Mom’s can find the bff in stores.

The Shaylee is pretty similar in size to the jujube bff. Depending how you pack it….it can hold a smidge more.

This is what I normally carry:

  • Waterbottles
  • Small jujube set pieces with toys (front purse pockets)
  • Medium set piece with additional activities or spare outfit.
  • Medium set piece with snacks
  • Small set piece with med kit, lotion, chapstick 
  • Couple books
  • Moana doll
  • Couple pairs  of gloves
  • Couple diapers
  • Small wet bag
  • Swaddle blanket

It even has room to spare on top for  a sweater or solly wrap.

The bff holds this same amount comfortably as well but not much room for extras. 

The Jujube bff is nice because it has plenty of pockets, 7 interior and 4 exterior. It also opens up in the front all the way so you dont have to dig around inside (my favorite feature!) My zipper just kept having multiple issues after less than 6 months so I just stopped carrying it. This particual print I could also never get clean. I did love the jujube legacy prints more than what was on other diaper bags it just didnt hold up for me 😦

The shaylee has 3 exterior pockets and 3 interior pockets plus the insert! I just love the smooth leather and sleeker look of the shaylee. It is stunning and functional 😍 The removeable insert also gives me  the option to carry it as my personal bag for years to come. 

They both are convertible and can be worn backpack and messenger style.

TheLily Jade shaylee can also be worn as a purse. The jujube bff is not meant to be worn as a purse but has a tote strap which makes it easier  to grab!

There are pros and cons to both!

Hope this comparison helps you decide what works best for you! 

Take advantage of their 10% off promo before  it ends on December 10th!

Check out the video version of this post here.

Happy packing,

P.s Toddler Moana purse fob is from fobs by Andrea I’ll be writing a review on it later this week! It was so much prettier in person than I anticipated 💕

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