My boogie board review

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with their family and friends!

My mother in law is always getting my kids something new to play with when we travel back home. This time she got them my boogie boards and we love them!

Here are a few of the basic features:

  • Wite with a pen
  • Erase with the click of a button
  • Scan onto your phone
  • Slim/portable profile

They also come with a case and require 3v batteties (included).

So each board has a pen that clicks and stores inside. This particular package comes with a stylus pen as well which you can hook on the outside (I leave it off for my kids).

The screen is very responsive and you can draw with either side of the pen, perfect for a toddler, or even your finger!

I wrote upside down(whoops!)…but this is an example of what the writing looks like on the board. You can erase it with a click of a button (shown on bottom but located on top of the board).

As mentioned above there is an app that is called “Jot 8.5 ewriter” that you can find in the apple and Google play store. It allows you to scan, write and share your drawings from your phone.  My son draws pictures for his aunts and was excited to share it with them.

Granted this could simply be done by taking a photo yourself… However it doesn’t have glare and is great for lists (being in black and white).  Still need to play with it more but it is a nice feature to have with no extra cost.

Lastly I LOVE how trim these are! They fit so easily inside of my Lily Jade Shaylee. Their colors blend in with my bag but you should be able to see.

I was so impressed with how user friendly they were, even for my 16 month old! My son is obsessed with his and asked for it multiple times during our trip 🙂

I usually pack crayons and pads for my kiddos but this a fun alternative to keep in rotation.  Perfect for a minimalist packer!

My only cons are that it only draws in one color and you can’t erase part of what you draw just all of it. My kids dont seem to mind either of these though 😉 My husband and I just mess up keeping score on games sometimes and the partial erase option would be nice.There is a color version available on their site though. 

It is definitely something worth checking out! Video review here. 

Happy shopping,

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