Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier

Hello fellow baby wearers,

I have done a lot of baby wearing over the last 3.5 years. My sister in law made me an awesome buckled carrier when I first  had my son but it was pretty worn down by the time my daughter was born.

I started off using a solly wrap with her and I really loved! It was so easy to throw into my diaper bag! The problem was taking it off and on multiple times…and I wanted something I could use with my son as well. My sister in law recommended another carrier with a seat from aliexpress but it didnt last more than 6 months.

At this point I wasnt sure what carrier to invest in but had heard the most positive reviews on ergo, tula and lillebaby. Lillebaby and tula patterns caught my eye the most.

My daughter is already 16months old so I decided on lillebaby. Main reason being so I wouldnt have to buy another infant carrier in the future since tula does infant & toddler sizes.

I ended up ordering the Lillebaby complete all seasons carrier from Bed Bath and Beyond(mobile coupon & free shipping for the win)! Shipping was quick and I have been obsessing over this carrier all weekend.

So here are the pros and cons!


  • Infant-toddler size so I can use it with both my son and daughter.
  • Can be worn 6 ways! So far we’ve only used 3 of them. 
  • Instruction manuel includes pictures and directions. 
  • User friendly
  • So many buckles and straps that easily adjust, stay in place, and can be rolled up or hidden so they’re not hanging.
  • Nice Padding; around the waist, shoulders and head rest. As well as just the right amount of stiffness for the lumbar support.
  • Front pocket. Fits my s7 edge.
  • 3d mesh (more breathable)
  • Rain cover. 
  • Hands free. Dont feel like my kids are going anywhere when strapped in properly.
  • Safety loop on waist buckle! Added peace of mind. 
  • Beautiful logo and accent pieces
  • Gorgeous pattern and color 
  • Fits in a jujube fuel cell
  • Both my kids are comfortable being carried in it.
  • Both my husband and I are comfortable wearing it.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well the lumbar support works at relieving pressure off your back. My back does start to hurt after carrying them for a while but I haven’t had any issues with this carrier since using it 🙂 The additional padding on the shoulders and waist really add to the comfortable fit.

My husband and I always love when something works for both of us. I’m 5’2″ and he is 6’2″ and we are both able carry our kids comfortably with this carrier.


  • Little bulky but can be folded compactly. 
  • No padding for backpack carry. 

The bulkiness doesnt bother me since it can be folded. I do wish there was a front pad you could switch out though so the straps arent directly on your stomach in backpack mode. However, the straps don’t dig into your stomach without it  so it’s still comfortable to wear! The buckle also overlaps the waist pad which really helps.

As you can see, the pros way out list the cons. They did well designing this carrier for an organzied and comfortable fit. I really didn’t think I would be so in love with it. Every time I talk to my husband I share a new feature I discovered! 

I’m so excited to use this on a weekend trip with my daughter! 

If you haven’t tried out a lillebaby carrier yet it won’t dissapoint!

You can check out the video review here.

Happy Carrying,

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