Mommy and me knotted headbands

Hello fellow DIY (ers?),
A while ago I made this bow headband for my daughter.  I enjoy matching her so instead of a bow headband I made a knotted one for myself. 

This time I wanted to make matching headbands and scarfs for a trip.  I had initially wanted black or teal but found just the right amount of material in Navy and bought it for $2.83 (can’t beat that!)

Measurements for this headband are a little tighter but it still fits my daughter  well. Feel free to add 1-2inches extra. Each material streches a little different so it’s better to have more and trim off a little later. Mine fit perfectly. 

After I laid out my material I knew I needed the whole length of it and half the width for my scarf so I cut that out first. I only need 1/2-2/3 of the length for my daughters scarf so I cut the headbands next and made her scarf with what was left.

Only material left was the difference in length from headbands so you could make hers bigger.  

My headband 24in x 8in

Toddler headband 17in x 5.5in

My scarf 62inx12in
Toddler scarf 38in x13in

The directions for both of these are super simple:

  1. Cut out material (shown above)
  2. Fold headbands length wise and sew across.
  • 3. Turn inside out and tie a knot. (Have seam at the bottom edge). Place right side over and under the left side. Pull tight and adjust knot.
  • 4. Fold in half and sew edge. Make sure the side of the knott you don’t want showing is the one facing out when you sew.
  • 5. Turn inside out and you have your knotted headband.

Lastly the scarfs.  Simply sew the edges together.  Turn inside out and loop like an infinity scarf.  You could sew length wise  and turn inside out but that’s a lot of sewing! I also wanted the extra thickness.  

**Note: using sewing pins really helps to hold the strechy material in place so it doesn’t shift around when sewing.

There you have it! Mommy and me knotted headbands and scarfs!

Happy sewing,

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