Bright Starts around we go!

Hello fellow and soon to be mommies,

I remember being so overwhelemed looking and shopping for baby items. My kids are only a little over 2yrs apart but baby products are constantly changing and being updated. There’s always a new latest and greatest!

However, even with new items there are some I still used for both of my kids. This activity center is one of them!

Before I had kids I babysat and nannied a ton. One of the baby items I personally never liked was the baby walker….they just seemed to run into everything, get stuck and not not really be enjoyable unless they were in a long hallway.

When my son had no interest in a bouncer  (weird I know!) I started looking into alternative activity stations. I stumbled upon this bright starts around we go and found one used. My son instantly fell in love with it. I sold it when we moved for school but knew I would get it again.

The black Friday after my daughter was born (2015) I purchased it from walmart. She was only 3 months old but we set it up and my son started using it again 😂 It was a relief to know he wouldn’t break it 😉

These are some of the pros and cons I’ve found after using it with 2 kids!


  • Sturdy, not worried about it falling over.
  • Durable enough for toddlers, a must once you no longer have only one child.
  • Cloth seat is machine washable and easy to remove!
  • The seat itself can be removed from the base making it a stand alone activity station.
  • The whole station is easy to wipe down and clean.
  • Nice variety of toys
  • Good distance between legs and seat to keep baby safe when bumping into things.
  • Stationary, great for smaller living spaces and rooms.
  • Moves around easily on so many surfaces.


  • Stationary

For me this isn’t an issue but I know it’s been a concern for others. Main argument being they will get sick of going around in circles.

Both my kids have loved it though! We took it into various rooms, outside and even in the grass when we garden.  They never cared that it just went in a circle. Both of my kids always crawled to this when learning to stand independently as well!


My daughter has walked, played and eaten in this activity station! It has been used the most out of all of our baby items and it still looks brand new!

She started using it around 5 months old and has used it for over a year! Even after learning to walk she still loved to go in it. We recently converted it to just an activity station a month ago. Both my kids will still go up and play with it independently.

I’m telling you, this is a purchase you won’t regret! I’ve reccomended it to so many friends and I’m surprised more people haven’t heard about it.

The cheapest price for it ($54) is at walmart on rollback and amazon with free 2 day shipping.

Get it while it’s discounted! You can check out my video review here!

Happy shopping,

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