Lily Jade Shaylee 2 in cloth diapers

Hello fellow cloth diapering Mamas,

Today I wanted to do an updated post on the Lily Jade Shaylee with 2 in cloth diapers. I have an almost 4yr old and 17month old. My 4yr old is potty trained and my 17month old is not.

However I know that when I was expecting my daughter it was hard choosing a diaper bag that was cloth diaper friendly.

One of the reasons I love the Lily Jade  shaylee is because it is so easy to throw things on top. Normally I throw a nursing cover and swaddle blanket on top. You could stuff the swaddle blanket in a corner though and put a solly wrap and infant jacket on top instead. Whatever extras you need!

You can absolutely fit more into this bag without the insert. I did a comparison here. Personally I prefer the organization of the insert inside my bag.

Let’s take a look!

When I pack using bumgenius freetime all in one diapers I can fit 6-7 comfortably. I put 5 in the main part of the insert and have 1-2 laying on top.

When I pack using small/medium prefolds I can fit 7-8 comfortably. I put the prefolds in the main part of the insert and have 1-2 covers laying on top.

When I pack using double stuffed or pocket diapers I can fit 5-6 comfortably. The ones pictured are the Grovia O.N.E and MG baby. I put 4-5 in the main part of the insert and have 1 laying on top.

As far as other baby essentials go I have the following inside of the insert:

  • Medium planet wise wet bag
  • Newborn spare outfit
  • Toddler spare outfit
  • Bottle
  • Munchinkin 360 cup
  • Change pad
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Snacks and bib

In the two front outsied pockets I have two small jujube set piece. I have found similar pouches at target.

  • First set piece: figurinesand teether for my toddler.
  • Second set piece: mommy essentials and basic first aide

    These pockets are a little harder to get into when fully packed which is why I still prefer to use smaller pouches inside them.

    Lastly in the back zippered pocket I have my wallet and galaxy s7 edge.

    It is a super roomy and gorgeous bag! Little tight during the newborn phase but totally doable! It won’t dissapoint 🙂

    You can purchase one here! Check out their Instagram page for discounts and promo codes, when available. They currently have one for the Madeline in Brandy 🙂

    You can also check out the video version of this post here!

    Hope this helped give you a better idea of what can fit inside!

    Happy cloth diapering,

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