Lily Jade Madeline

Hello my fellow purse lovers,
Today I wanted to talk about yet another Lily jade bag! Whats not to love when they’re full grain leather, buttery soft and have tons of beautiful detailing!

I’m a huge fan of the new Jade lining that was released in the fall of last year. The top left photo being pretty true to color.

My favorite color combo is the charcoal and jade! I originally got the Elizabeth in this color but switched it out for the Madeline!

The Madeline has 3 front pockets, a back zippered pocket,  3 inside pockets, and a removeable insert.

The removeable insert is the same size for each lily jade bag and has 12 pockets! All the bags feature the jade lining except the black that continues to sport the classic red lining.

The Lily Jade Madeline has 3 fromt pockets that I put my 16oz waterbottle, first aide pouch, phone and pouch with toy cars. Even when packed full they are accessible and the pockets are deep.

I have been using both the Madeline and Shaylee as a camera/diaper bag. They fit my dslr (Cannon 80d with 18-135mm lens) perfectly in the center of the insert. I use this case for added protection.

When I’m not carrying my dslr and using cloth diapers I simply pack up 3 all in one diapers in the center of the insert instead. If I am using my dslr I’ll just pack 2 in the outside pockets.

I usually pack the following inside of the insert:

  • 2 waterbottles
  • Doll
  • Snacks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Camera neck strap
  • Wipes 

I have the following packed outside of the insert in my bag:

  • 2 boogie boards
  • Stickers
  • Change pad
  • Swaddle blanket
  • Tissues and boogie wipes

Side note: I prefer keeping anything that will spill inside of the insert since it is machine washable.

I absolutely love this bag! The color combo is gorgeous!

The size is ideal for day to day errands. Plus it’s  a well thought out design that holds a ton!

Lastly it can be carried as a handbag, crossbody, and backpack! Such an amazing feature! (I’m 5’2″ 110lbs)

Video version 

SURPRISE: I’m currently hosting a giveaway on my Instagram page (@marksofmotherhood) for a $100 Lily Jade gift certificate. Hoping to help another mama fund the bag of her dreams!

Look for this photo to enter!

Contest ends next Friday (Feburary 11th) and winner will be announced next Saturday (Feburary 12th)! Good luck!

Happy shopping,

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