Favorite Children’s books ages 1-3yrs old

Hello fellow mommies and book lovers,

When I first had my son we didn’t really have a room for him. His crib was just in my husband’s study room and his toys and books were in our main living room.

We moved when he was around 16 months old and this time had 3 rooms! At first I had some of his toys in his room but it drove me nuts when he switched to a toddler bed. After a couple weeks of zero naps and one too many messes I switched to having only books in his room. He loved it! He has always been a book lover! 

Now we keep all our books in the toy room. 
Today I want to break up these book sugguestions into a few categories:

  1. Favorites of both
  2. My son’s favorites (3.5 years old) 
  3. My daughter’s favorites (1.5 years old)

I’m a big fan of board books at a young age! They’re durable and usually small enough to fit in a diaper bag. They do tend to sometimes not stay bond but I’ve only had that issues with a few (not mentioned).

The following sets I bought before my son turned 1. I bought some of  them in sets at Costco but you can find them on amazon as well.

You can get a varierty from all these genres but both my kids have loved these ones the most! 

Even though we own tons of books (teacher mom)and I’m constantly rotating them….I like to buy books that correlate with their interests! It’s so fun to see their eyes light up as they tell me all about them 💕

My son’s current favorites

The step into reading books I’ve bought locally but they’re cheaper on Amazon. They also have stickers so I usually keep one in my diaper bag.

My daughter’s favorites:

  • Her brother’s books, mainly the Dinosaur ones. 
  • Lift the flap books (AnimalABCBaby)
  • Bright colored books *

 * I’ve found a lot of simple books,like this Frozen one, from the dollar store! I buy these ones when we travel but they’ve held up surprisingly well 🙂 She loves them!

As far as organizing books…

On an ideal day the shelves go small, medium, and big. 

But I have 2 kids under 4yrs old so usually it looks like this.  At least they put most of them away! 😉 

I bought the bookshelf off craigslist for under $15 and got the vinyl Dr.Seus quote from amazon. 

I bought the vinyl bean bag chair from Target (online) and my kids love it. I also enjoy sitting in it to read with them.

 They’re always playing with it! I need to get another one or a smaller plush chair.

That is it though for now! Hope this helps give you some ideas of new books for your collection! 

Happy reading,

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