Trader Joe’s favorites

Hello fellow foodies,

Most of the time I prefer to make things from scratch but it’s been a long couple of weeks!

Pizza delivery was our first meal of the week last week and I didn’t feel guilty! I was able to catch up on cleaning and it was nice to just sit down and eat.

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places for premade meals! Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re healthy but they are delicious. 

The one I usually always grab is their fried rice and Orange chicken. 

I don’t love the orange chicken but it goes well with the fried rice.  Both can be made in 15-20min which is nice and convenient. I use olive oil on the fried rice. 

This is usually all we will have for dinner served up into bowls.  Our kids aren’t too picky and will also eat it 🙂 

A new find this week was their clam noodles (grabbed by accident) and their gnocchi in pasta sauce.  

After I made gnocchi soup last week I found out my husband missed having it when he was in Argentina. 

I totally thought I grabbed Alfredo noodles but realized when I went to make them they were clam :)🙈My husband also isn’t a fan of seafood, even the taste, so the fact he liked these noodles was surprising. Our toddler daughter loved them the most! Most kids enjoy slurping up long noodles 😉

It was super fast to make and only took about 10-15min. I did serve it with some steamed green beans (I prefer raw not frozen).

I wouldn’t eat these every week or even every month but those of you who are fans of traders Joe’s should defintely give both meals a try 🙂 The fried rice is my favorite. 

Just save them in your freezer for a crazy busy day! We all have them!

Happy eating,

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