Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Hello fellow mommies,

This is one of my favorite books for preschoolers and struggling kindergarteners.

I worked with a lot of children kindergarten through 2nd grade during my elementary bachelors program. Many were English language learners. We had tons of awesome resources but only a few we could pass on to parents to help them practice.

Mostly because a number of materials require some sort of background or familiarity with reading in young learners. 

My Mom spealized in reading as a teacher so with all of us she could asses where we were and go from there. Because of her background she was often asked how to do so by fellow parents. This was and is the book she has always reccomended! 

Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons

The lessons start with basic sounds. Having them repeat the sound, point and read the sound, and draw the “sound”(letter). These lessons then progress with the same technique but switch to words and stories.

Now even though there are 100 lessons that doesnt mean you’ll finish in 100 days. Some lessons, if the concept isnt grasped, should be repeated until they’ve mastered it. The goal isn’t to plow through the book as quick as possible.

This is a resource I’ve also reccomended and bought for half a dozen friends in just the last week after their children were tested in reading and struggling.

This is one of the easiest books for parents to follow and only takes 20min a day! 

My son turns 4yrs old in May and we do a lesson twice a week. Currently we are repeating the same half dozen lessons. His favorite one to write is the letter T! (There is more than one letter and sound and each lesson)

When he gets bored he will include one of his dolls and “teach” them what he’s doing! It’s always fun and he recognizes a handful of letters and sounds because of it. 

I usually let him color after so my incentive is under his workbook 🙂

He gets way excited when it comes to coloring familiar characters so it’s great motivation!

There’s no right or wrong pace to follow when going through this book. You can be at lesson 25 and need to go back and review lesson 7. Just see what your child’s individual needs are each time you do it. If you can do it more than once a day it’ll be even more effective. 

Hope this a useful resource to fellow parents! Or one you’ll bookmark for the future 🙂

Happy learning,

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