5-7 day cleanse

Hello everyone,

​If you’ve been following me for a while you know it’s no surprise I love food of all kinds!

Sadly my emotions had brought upon lots of not so great cravings the last few months and I wanted to reset my body. 

I goggled a ton of juice, food, etc cleanses.  I knew I would need one with food simply because I make all the food for everyone.  

My goal was to go a week without bread, pasta, sugar and dairy.  Dairy mostly because I’m intolerant but cook with it often anyways. 

We’ve slowly incorporated some whole30 meals into our meal plans and once we find what  recipes we like we’ll do it for a month 🙂 I’m hoping to discover our families food sensitivities with that method. 

This last week though I did my own sort of cleanse! I brought a bunch of ideas to my doctor and we figured out a healthy plan for me plus vitamins. 

These were some of my favorite dishes from it! They are ones we normally have as sides but I’ve yet to share here!

Go check them out!

Anyways back to the cleanse….you’re pry wondering about results. I don’t own a scale for many reasons so I can’t attest for any certain number of pounds lost.  However I kept my goals, feel great, and I’m ready to conquer a new week! It felt good to overcome unhealthy habits mentally and physically. 

The first two days were the hardest but after that it was a breeze! So whichever one you do just hang in there!

I was going to share my cleanse but really feel it’s something that’s different for each person and really should be discussed with a physician when you’re limiting yourself from various food groups. 

That being said I do have a juice cleanse I plan to do with a friend and will share more about when it happens! 

Anyone have a favorite juicer? I’d love to hear recommendations!

Hope you’re staying healthy and warm,

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