Lily Jade Rosie

Hello fellow diaper bag lovers,

Lily Jade Rosie may slowly become my favorite Lily Jade diaper bag! The color, the space, and the size have really surprised me 🙂

This weekend I was running errands with both kids.  Usually I throw a be light or fuel cell in my bag to put my lillebaby carrier in when I’m not using it. Sadly I forgot it in the car and I was shocked when it actually fit inside the Rosie! I didn’t fold it any special way I just shoved it in.  It’s a tight squeeze whether you’re using cloth or disposable but it does fit and zip 🙂 Game changer!

When test packing cloth diapers I could comfortably fit 6 inside the insert.  There was room on top for the carrier so you could easily fit way more.

I normally take disposable when I’m out and about running errands. My new favorite pouch/clutch  is by Logan and Lenora. It’s much more roomy than the jujube be quick but still slim and waterproof.  They’ve also just launched these changing pads that are compact AND have a magnetic closure! Works great even for my toddler! I love it!!! I usually carry 3-4 disposable diapers and some wipes.  If it’s a quick errand I’ll throw in cards I need and some snacks.  It can fit a spare outfit as well as dirty clothes if needed.  Love, love, love!

Now for inside of the bag! When the insert is removed I usually have the following inside:

  • Dinosaur book*
  • Moana look and find book
  • 2 boogie boards
  • Sheet of stickers
  • Kleenex and boggie wipes

*Another plus of the Rosie is I can fit bigger books, 8X10, without them getting bent.  Even threw in a coloring book over the weekend.

In the front pocket I keep two small jujube set pieces with first aide,chapstick, and figurines/cars. I also toss my keys in there.  I keep my wallet and phone in the back zippered pocket.

Inside the insert I don’t carry much anymore.  I usually have a waterbottle for each of them, snacks and their ipod touches.

Sidenote: When you have the insert in the bag a solly wrap, covered goods cover and 25oz waterbottle fit comfortably inside.  Waterbottle just can’t be standing up straight.

Like all the other bags it can be worn 3 ways! The backpack option was just added to the 2.0 Rosies this last fall. It wasn’t an option for the original design with red lining( just for reference if wanting to buy used).

It’s an absolutely gorgeous bag! You will love it! The camel color is stunning! (Shoes from Target).

Let me know what Lily Jade comparisons you would like to see next! Video version on my channel.

Hope this gave some packing insight,

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