Lily Jade Comparison  (Meggan, Rosie, Shaylee, Madeline)

Hello fellow Mommies,

This has been a super requested post/video since I recieved the Rosie. I’ve done a comparison of the Madeline and Shaylee already. I’ve also done a comparison with 3 of them using cloth diapers. Be sure to check those out!

This one I have geared towards 3 kids under 5yrs old. So let’s jump in!

This is everything I will have packed inside! (You can check out the video verison here)

  • Pink and gold Logan and Lenora wristlet; 2 newborn outfits, 1 toddler outfit, pair of underwear. 2 diapers, wipes, honest company healing balm, hand sanitizer and the logan and lenora change pad (front zippered pocket).
  • 4 -size 3 and size 2 diapers. 8 extra in total.
  • Snacks; cuties in a reusable bags, 2 applesauce, and 2 granola bars. Bib for my daughter.
  • 3 waterbottles; size 12oz for me, thermos for my son and munchkin 360 for my daughter.
  • 2 dr brown bottles and a formula dispenser.
  • Burp rag
  • Portable Lego kit
  • 2- 6th generation ipods with otter box defender cases
  • Dr brown teething toy
  • Boogie wipes and kleenex
  • Swaddle blanket
  • 2 books for my kids (not pictured)

I have both the solly wrap and lillebaby carrier pictured but both dont fit in each bag.

Lastly I have these two small jujube pouches I normally put in the outside pockets of my diaper bag for easy access. Then a whabanub in the jujube paci pod.

So let’s dive in. Last week I did a packing video on the Rosie she has quickly become my favorite.

This is her with everything inside and the lillebaby carrier in top.

Normally in the front zippered pocket I have the two small pouches and the Lego kit.

In the back zippered pocket I keep my wallet.

If I take out the lillebaby carrier I can fit the aden and anais swaddle blanket on top with the solly wrap.

Now for the inside the only thing I have tucked in the outside of the insert is my waterbottle and the kids books. Everything else I’m able to organize in the insert. The Dr. Brown bottles even fit in the center of the insert inside the bottle pockets. Everything slides in and out fairly easily.

It is much more functional then I thought it would be and since it’s also the one in camel I’m obsessed 😍

Now for the Madeline. I showed a comparison with the Shaylee before and they pack pretty similar.

This is everything inside of her (solly wrap instead of lillebaby). She doesn’t have a lot of extra packing room on top but will fit the solly wrap. However with everything inside like this the flap in the front doesnt close. Not really a big deal since it still zips but may bother some. Without the wrap inside it will close.

I love the madeline because of the outside bottle pockets. There are 3 pockets in the front I am able to put my waterbottle, my son’s waterbottle  and our small pouches/lego kit in.

In the back zippered pocket I usually keep my wallet. Then in the zippered flap I have the teething toy.

Then in the zippered flap I have the teething toy.

Now a lot like the Rosie, but even more so, you can see everything perfectly when you unzip it. So if you are a horizontal packer the Madeline fits a ton and makes for easy access.

The only gripe is my daughter’s sippy cup tends to slide towards the top but it will stay down if you push it more.

Next is the shaylee. Now packed with everything listed above a lillebaby doesn’t fit on top. I have however  been able to pack a lillebaby inside using a jujube fuel cell.

She fits the solly wrap and swaddle on top with ease though.

The only thing I havent liked on the Shaylee is the outside pockets. When it’s packed full they can be hard to utlize and rhe zipper catches your hand.

I have sold back a lot of my jujube pouches but have kept the small ones for this reason. It’s easier to pull the pouch out than to rummage through the pockets.

The back zipper is a lot easier to access though which is nice for my wallet and phone.

It is the perfect size purse though and I’ve really loved the flexibility of being able to just throw things on top when needed.

In the shaylee it’s easier to just place the bottles in the center of the insert and not the bottle pockets.  I keep all the waterbottles inside though and everything is easy access in and out.

Finally the Meggan. I have the 1.0 and it was my first Lily Jade. I actually use the insert from my shaylee inside of her now.

She can literally fit everything inside of her.  Unlike the Rosie I can put both the swaddle blanket and lillebaby carrier. It is a bit of a pinch but zips closed.

Her outside pockets are really roomy. I know a lot of people have even put bottles and waterbottles. I use them for my small pouches, phone and wallet.

Everything is organized well om the inside with lots of room on top.

It is so hard for me to say which bag you should choose. If you carry a lot both the Rosie and Meggan are great choices.  The rosie doesn’t feel quite as big but being bigger the Meggan has more packing flexibility.

The madeline and shaylee are similar in size just depends if you are a horizontal or vertical packer.

Hope this post gives you some insight on which bag would be perfect for you!

You can check out the updated toddler packing version of these bags here

Happy shopping,

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