No more crib! (Plus $100 Giveaway!)

Hello fellow parents,

Today I wanted to talk about transitioning from a crib to a twin bed.

I decided it was easier to skip the toddler bed transition with both of my kids.

My son transitioned when he was almost 2yrs old, 22 months. I was nannying at the time and he would nap in a pack n play at their house.  He started climbing out of it so for a week I was just persistent about putting him back in until he stopped. I was tempted to continue letting him sleep there but I was about 4 months pregnant and decided to just make the switch.

We had already put a twin bed in his room when we moved. He was use to seeing it and would climb on it at bedtime.

I knew he would be safe so I took the plunge. We went to the store and I got really excited and let him choose his bedding. He chose shark bedding of course and was so happy!

Only the first couple of days were rough during naptime. I would just listen for when he got up and go put him back in. He quickly learned what was going on and stayed. He only fought bedtime the 2nd night. He’s been a happy camper ever since. He comes to wake me up at 7am every morning now and I love it!

With my daughter she started showing interest in her brother’s bed when she was a year old. We would help her climb in and out of it. A couple of months ago she started getting in and out independently.

Since then I would wake up each morning to my son inside her crib. They would laugh and play for 20-30min.

I decided it was time! This last Saturday I let her take her morning nap in big brother’s bed. She didn’t get out and slept as long as she normally does. I was shocked…so off to the store we went. She had the choice of cars, finding dory, disney princesses and moana. She chose Moana and was soooooo excited!

I set her bed up in time for her afternoon nap. She quickly climbed out and knocked on the door so I went in and put her back down. After that she stayed! They’ve both stayed in their own beds the last two nights and she’s still napping well. It was a much smother transition then I thought it would be!

My two biggest tips!?

1. Be persistent. It may take a couple of days or even a week but each time they get out put them back in. With my son it was exhausting but the end result was worth it!

2. Let them choose their own bedding! This makes them feel special and helps the whole process feel more exciting!

That is all! Feel free to comment with what helped you or with any questions!  Good luck to all of you transitioning!

You can check out the video version of this post on my channel.  I also mentioned a giveaway I’m doing there as well! You won’t want to miss it!

Happy sleeping,

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