Healthy Fast Food

Hello fellow foodies,

It has been a long weekend on the farm for us. We have been greeting new calves, cleaning stalls,undoing fencing, and moving some of the steers.

Yesterday, especially, we had been going non stop.  I had to run a quick errand in town and decided to just pick something up for dinner.  Safeway for the win! 

This is one of my go to meals if I’m already in town close to dinner.  The leftover chicken can be used for so many things so we often get two meals out of it. 

Grocery list:

Salad in a jar

Rotisserie chicken

Favorite fruit

I had planned to make something when my husband called and said the kids were hungry…this only took 10min to pick up 😉 Win-win!

Never disappoints!

Happy eating, 

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