Spring Cleaning/Daily routine

Hello fellow parents,

We’ve had some much needed family time the past month.  First my husband’s Spring break and than some family came to visit for their Spring break. The kids favorite was probably going to the beach! They both love the water!

 Our visitors left yesterday and we’re already anticipating their next visit!

  Anywho… Inbetween the two breaks I decided to do some Spring cleaning.  Our home has 4 bedrooms.  Originally my husband and I each had our own room(his study room and my craft/work room). We slept in the master and our kiddos shared a room.  Recently I’ve been anxious to move back home in just over a year (after 3yrs one year seems like nothing)…I decided I really needed to decluter.

 I used my room for work but it was really just becoming the catch all room. It is always filled with the items noone wants to deal with yet.   Our kids have also been waking each other up so I decided to give our son my room. This way I wouldn’t junk it up anymore AND he would have his own space for quiet time and bedtime.  

Best descision I ever made! He had his first night in his room last night and is currently enjoying quiet time.  I wanted to do a superhero theme because of his recent spider man obsession but I’m really trying to cut back on spending until we graduate. 

I’m usually against toys in rooms but he doesn’t ever try to play during bedtime so this setup works for him.  He can than play with it during quiet time. 

It took up most of my time the other week but 12 garbage bags later and I was relieved! I donated what I could and tossed the rest.  

I installed the blackout curtains and video monitor after our visitors left.  This is the monitor we use if anyone is curious.  The additional cameras are a little pricey but I didn’t want one that hooked up to wifi. It scans the two rooms and switches monitors every 8-10 seconds.  You can add up to 4 cameras.  We have loved it so far and have had it 2yrs. We purchased it when our son transitioned out of his crib. 

Lastly this is our daily routine:

6:30am-Son wakes up,  eats a piece of fruit or yogurt independently while I finish my last class for work and he watches a show on pbs kids. 

7am-Daughter wakes up.  She will also eat a banana or something while I make breakfast. 

7:30am-  Breakfast

810am Independent play with music on in the background or playdate with friends. 

11am– Get lunch ready

11:3012pm Lunch

1212:30– Energetic activity; tag,  hide and seek,  duck duck goose, etc.

12:303– quiet/ nap time. 

*First 30 min I work with my son on preschool activities.  Leap frog is the current one we’re using. 

35pm -If weather permits we go outside! If not we play inside and do activities with numbers,  colors,  sorting,  etc. 

*If it’s been a long day I’ll let them watch a movie at 4 till dinner is ready.  

5pm– prepare dinner

5:306pm -Dinner

67pm Bath if necessary and read books. 

7pm– Get ready for bed and bedtime routine (both kids).

7:15pm Bedtime for my daughter. 

7:30/8pm Bedtime for my son.

*Tuesday/Thursdsy my son has preschool in the morning and I usually try to run errands and grocery shop those days. It’s 1.5 hrs long.  

This is what works best for us! My daughter is almost 20 months and my son turns 4 next month.  Hope that helps!

Happy Spring Cleaning, 

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