Updated airport bag + momcation to Disneyland!

Hello everyone,

Today I just wanted to briefly share what I have packed for the airport and Disneyland(momcation).  I shared a similar post back in December.

This time it’s just me and my kids so I’m packing a little different.  In the past my son has done so well with suckers but now they both just bite them,which defeats the purpose for take off and landing, so I’m not packing them this time. I’m also leaving behind the boogie boards and pencils.  I took my daughter by myself,  just the two of us,  in Janurary and she just tried to loose them all.

Anyways with all that being said here is how I have my bags packed for my almost 4yr old boy and 20month old daughter.

We’ll start with the Lily Jade Madeline! I took a long time deciding which bag to use.  I used the Shaylee in both December and Janurary and it worked great. The Rosie is my current go to bag and I’m obsessed with the color.

Sadly I really needed super functional outside pockets and not to overpack… so the madeline won!

Now with all that lets looks inside!

In the zippered flap pocket I have chapstick and teething gel. In the back zippered pocket I have my portable charger and chords for my phone and kid’s iPods. In the front pocket I have my waterbottle,  their birth certificates, my wallet and my kid’s iPods.

In this picture, with the insert out, you can see the vanilla envelope that I keep their birth certificates in.  It’s super easy to access and I like that it can be covered by the flap.

Now with the insert out of the bag this is what I have I’m the main bag:

  • 3 books with stickers
  • Logan and Lenora change pad
  • Glasses +case
  • Magnetic squares in magnetic box
  •  Both Kids Sunglasses and a hotwheels car
  • 2 packs of tissues

Inside the insert I have the following:

  • Trolls plush key chain
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First aide box
  • Diaper rash cream (honest co)
  • Granola bar
  • Elephant teether toy
  • Headphones
  • Another book
  • Spare outfit
  • Wipes
  • 2-3 diapers
  • Sippy cup
  • Dslr camera with 50mm lense (not pictured but shown in video)

That is all for the madeline and it’s packed mostly for my daughter. I pack a swaddle blanket and snack container on top of everything else.

Now for my son  (who uses his own jujube minibe).

I have the following packed up for him:

  • Trolls plush keychain
  • Small jujube set piece with pj mask figurines and 2 hotwheel
  • Headphones
  • Ipad
  • Book
  • Sticker activity book
  • Snack container*
  • Waterbottle in front pocket

*I usually just put goldfish in their snack containers but will also put blueberries.
That is all for him. I try to get him to use the books or eat a snack before we board the plane.  Once they clear electronic devices he’s pretty content with his iPad but will take a break after an hour or so to play with his toys.

Lastly,  I carry my daughter using a lillebaby all seasons complete and clip a small lunch bag onto that.  You can see how it looks on me in  the video.

That is all for the airport. Just check in carseats so you dont have to carry them. Make sure the electronics are easy to access for security. Wear sandals so you don’t have to deal with buckling or tying shoes, the kids don’t have to take theirs off. Make sure waterbottles are empty and you can refill them once you’re through security. Be aware of liquids (even lotion) and put them in checked bag if possible. Its really not bad at all. I’ve flown sooooo many times on my own and we’ve always survived with minimal, if any, meltdowns. You can do it!

Now for my Disney bag! I’m an awesome Mom and actually going for 2 days without my kids…

My family is going to watch them while my best friend and I go to celebrate our 25th birthday! We’ve never done a road trip together and she has stuck with me through the ups and downs of mommyhood so I figured it was long overdue.

I’m so excited but since it’s just me I’m not packing a ton.

I’ll have sunscreen, basic first aide and hand sanitizer in the front for easy acces.

I’ll keep wipes (mom habit), large water bottle and ponchos in the main part of the bag. I’ll have my wallet in the zippered pocket and my portable charger/battery pack in a ziplock bag in the main part as well (not pictured).

I may throw in an extra pair of shoes but kinda want to leave plenty of space for some souvenirs. 

I’m sooooo excited! My husband laughed that even without my kids I’m taking the jujube minibe but it’s the perfect size and the straps are so comfy!!  

He’s been so sweet though and the other night told me “Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty! You deserve this!”  He’s also not a fan of Disneyland so he’s okay not going with me lol It’s been a rough year and I’m ready for a vacation!

My family has also been super supportive and encouraging.  My kids are excited to spend the week with them! My daughter even named her princess doll after one of her blonde aunts 😂 Granted Rapunzel is kinda hard to say.

We’re ready to soak up some warmth and sunshine! Hope everyone is enjoying their week! 

Happy packing,

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