DIY dry erase command center 

Hello friends,

This is a statement piece in our kitchen and is the first thing I’m asked about when we have people over for dinner.

 It is so cheap and easy to make! 

All you need:

  • Poster frame (walmart)
  • Command strips (walmart)
  • Printables (listed below)
  • Colored printer (or print at staples)
  • Scissors and clear tape. 
  • Glue/Glue strips
  • Dry erase marker(s)
  1. Extra- quotes, stickers, pictures, and construction paper.

First let’s list all the printables and where to get them! 

Weekly meal plan printable.

Weekly to do list printable

Weekly chore chart (my favorite!) printable. I tweaked it a little but used a dry erase marker. 

Chevron background printable.

For the calendar I just did a quick Google search. Tons of options!

I made this 4 years ago and it’s held up great even with two moves. Just 5 easy steps! Takes no time at all!
Step 1

  • Remove backing from poster board.

Step 2

  • Cut out desired background, line up, and tape onto backing. 

*You could get a poster for the background I just wanted the chevron. 

Step 3

  • Layout desired printables, quotes, pictures and stickers.
  •  Glue or tape on each one individually. (Glue strips cause less bubbling). 

Step 4 

  • Reattach frame. 

Step 5 

  • Hang in desired location with command strips.

I appreciate visuals so this is used on the daily. Hope it inspires one of you!

Happy organization,

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