When toys take over your home….

Hello fellow caregivers,

So today I wanted to share my latest system that has worked really well for us, so far. It has helped the toys we own have a little less control over the floors of our home…

I was always so overwhelemed with trying to keep things organzied. My stuff was no issue but it seemed our house could be torn apart in seconds by my kiddos. I mentioned to my husband that I might clear out more toys and he responded saying “I don’t think they have that many and you already cleared some out. It would help a lot if they didn’t bring them out of the toy room” in theory this is a great thought but everyone knows what a battle that is in an open space.

That’s when the idea of a baby gate came to mind. We already had one but it’s just a simple one that slides so my kids can’t open it. This time I wanted one with a door that both of my kids could open (opposite effect of most baby gates). 

That’s when I stumbled upon the Regalo easy step walk thru gate, keep in mind it only fits space 29-39″. What I liked about this one is that it actually comes with a gap until you screw it close. It is still super secure on our wall but we left a small gap so our kids didn’t have to figure out the latch. We also didn’t screw in the 4 plates like it recommend because it was super sturdy without and we didn’t want to screw holes into the wall. 

Because of the physical barrier my kids recognize that they’re leaving their play space and remember the rule on toys. They will still ocassionally bring something out to show me but have to take it right back! It also isnt something that locks them in so they don’t feel trapped, they still play freely and can go in and out. 

We only clean the toy room once a day, before bedtime. I use to do twice a day but wasn’t worth the battle.

You guys it has been night and day difference! I can now straighten up the house in 10-20min instead of 30-45min. With that being said kids still usually like to be around you. Because of that we have designated toys in our tv room and front room. I have them in the front room for when visitors come so I can visit with them but the kids can still be entertained. 

My daughter won’t sit for a 30min show, too young, so we have an area for her to play while brother watches something in our tv/family room. She hasn’t gotten bored with it yet.

I know everyone has a different layout in their home. I just wanted to share incase anyone had a similar setup or entry way to contain the madness 🙂 

We use to only have one open space so I know this wont work for everyone!

 I would love to hear any other tips you’ve done to keep toys under control at home. I’m obsessed with trying new organizational ideas! Drop a comment below!

Happy cleaning,

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