Jujube be right back (Rosy Posy)

Hello fellow jujube lovers (or soon to be),

Today I wanted to share what I pack inside my jujube be right back. I bought it during the rosy posy print release and have been using it a ton since!  I’m going to show you how I pack it for the park/day to day as well as hiking 🙂 You’re going to love it!

So let’s dive in! (Video version)

In the very front pocket, magentic closure, I have my jujube be rich wallet. It fits perfectly and is easy to access.

The zipper pocket right behind it is called the mommy pocket. I like to keep my first aide kit, kandoo flushable wipes, sunscreen and diaper rash cream inside it.

Right above that is a medium sized pocket, about as deep as my hand, that I put my keys and chapstick in. I could fit more but having just my keys makes it easy to slip them in and out. 

After that is the main pocket(which I’ll show last).

Right on top of the main pocket is the grab handle and D rings for stroller clips. I dont usually use the D rings but hook my arm and hammer disposable bags onto one of them.

Right behind the grab handle is another mediun sized pocket that I keep our boogie wipes and hand sanitizer in so I dont have to dig through the bag to find them.

On the sides is the bottle pockets. I’ve carried a 40oz hydro flask, 21 oz hydro flask abd my kids 18oz zoli waterbottles. All fit well and easily slip in and out.

Lastly is the back with a hidden zipper pocket for the change pad and the backpack straps. I love jujube backpacks for this reason! The straps are so comfortable to wear and can easily be adjusted. The lining is also mesh (navy color in this print) which makes it a lot more breathable on your back.

Now for the inside! I love that the front has a large zippered pocket. Its perfect for 4-6 diapers and wipes. Don’t doubt it could fit a little more but that’s all I need. 

In the main part of the bag I either carry a jujube fuel cell with an additional 18oz waterbottle & our lunch or our tula toddler carrier. Just depends what we’re doing and if we’ll be eating. Often if we’re hiking my husband will carry our lunch in the camel backpack.

Behind that is a mesh elastic pocket that fits the jujube large set piece perfectly. If we’re hiking I’ll often leave this behind in the car but for other situations I like to have disposable bibs, johnson head to toe wipes, more sunscreen and a tide pen on hand.

Right above that pocket are two elastic straps. You can basically have the bag mostly zipped up and easily pull this medium set piece from the top. Because it’s so easy to access it is where I keep our dried snacks for hiking or snacks for the park. 

I’ve been super impressed with this diaper bag so far. It fits a ton! The originzation couldn’t possibly be better! We love it! If you have any questions, or want to see something else packed inside, let me know!

Happy shopping 😉,

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